Evaluating Designer Models: Introduction

PDF Version: Choosing Portfolio123 Designer Models Topic A – Introduction

In order to thoughtfully select portfolios, whether Designer Models or from among the countless ETFs, closed end funds or open end funds that are available, it’s important to have some basic market understanding as a starting point. So I’m going to launch this seminar series with reprints of Introductory topics from the Portfolio123 Virtual Strategy Design Class.

DM - A

This content is not technical. In fact, it is adapted from articles initially written for publication on TalkMarkets.com and was geared toward the typical individual investor who has not studied finance in school and who does not have a career in finance. Starting with Topic B1, the first that will follow this Introduction, I’ll be addressing Styles. The Introductory articles will explain to you why they exist and give you a strong context for use when we get more specific in addressing them through Designer Models.


Here are the five PDF links to the Introductory portions of the Portfolio123 Virtual Strategy Design Class.







Coming Attractions


Topic B will be Styles. For each of the ones used in the Designer Models, we’ll examine what they are and what you can expect under different conditions from portfolios that are rank high (or low) in each style, and how that might change under different market conditions.

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