There are three components to the Acti-Quant Knowledge base:  (1) General Equity content, (2) Chaikin Analytics content, and (3) Fixed Income Content.

General Equity Content: This addresses the needs of equity investors who wish to develop objective disciplined data-driven strategies. Much of this was created in connection with Portfolio123, a company for which I used to work. But it’s applicable to any systematic equity investor.

Chaikin Analytics Content: This addresses the needs of many who want more guidance or a different sort of guidance than is available on Portfolio123. Like Portfolio123, Chaikin Analytics serves do-it-yourself investors and/or advisers. But in contrast to Portfolio123, users don’t start from scratch or choose to follow another user’smodel. Instead, they make their own security-specific decision based on an eco-system built atop a sophisticated ranking system developed by Marc Chaikin using Portfolio123.

Fixed-Income Content: On the surface, this seems easy. There’s been little in the history of the fixed income market from 1982 though 2020 to suggest otherwise. But the persistent tailwind of plummeting interest rate that characterized this lengthy period is over. Hence bad decision, ignored or even rewarded by the market for decades, won’t be so kindly indulged going forward. Presented here is a step-by-step process fo choosing among the hundreds of fixed-income ETFs with a view, not to where the market has been, but to where it’s going.