Portfolio123 Content

The Portfolio123 portion of the Acti`Quant Knowledge base relates to stock selection. It addresses two categories of needs; building one’s own stock-selection strategies, and choosing among stock selection strategies created by others.


Building One’s Own Stock Selection Strategies

Designing Stock Strategies: This is a comprehensive virtual “class” in designing stock selection  strategies using Portfolio123. This is not a tutorial that teaches one how to use the platform. Considerable how-to support content exists in the Portfolio123 Help area. The aim here is to give users ideas on what they can choose to do. The course starts by giving users a sense of theory, a roadmap that can be used to organize choices. It then proceeds in detail with instruction relating to all of the elements of a sound strategy.

Strategy Design Cheat Sheet: This is an abbreviated handy reference that quickly summarizes the principles detailed in the full “DesigningStock Strategies” course.

Portfolio123 Ranking Systems: This is a one-stop reference to a set of style-based ranking systems I created for use on Portfolio123.

Choosing Among Strategies Created By Others

Evaluating Designer Models: Portfolio123 offers a set of “Designer Models,” which are strategies created by advanced users of the platform and made available to others on a subscription basis. This course aims to help users choose among the available models the one or ones that are best suited for them based on their own goals.