Chaikin Analytics Content

Marc Chaikin is a 50+ year veteran long known as an expert in technical analysis (with several of his indicators in widespread use). Technical analysis still features prominently in his work, but nowadays, he’s become prominent as a result of the fundamental-technical multi-factor Power Gauge rating system he in recent years as,what he describes as, the culmination of his life’s work. Among the many who respect his work is Jim Cramer, who stated in an 11/7/18 webinar: “If you do not use Marc Chaikin’s work, and Chaikin Analytics, before you pull the trigger, well, you’re going against 32 years of my work.”


Power Gauge Ratings: This is the core of the Chaikin Analytics platform. It’s a multi-factor ranking system created, on Portfolio123,  by Chaikin. As a proprietary system, the details are not disclosed. But the system is explained in more than enough detail to enable users to understand why the ratings are as they are and to allow users to make thoughtful decisions, based on their own return-risk preferences, as to whether they buy, hold or sell a particular stock. I consulted with Chaikin as he developed the system and penned a white paper explaining my tests of the system.

Interpreting a Chaikin Analytics Price Chart: Chaikin Analytics is not by any means the only place where you can find stock price charts that include technical indicators. But it may well be the best place to interpret, derive a story, from such charts. Presented here is a four-step process, bracketed at the beginning and the end by the multi-factor Power Gauge ranking system that helps you read the chart, from the bottom up, in such a way as to develop a story that supports a sound investment decision. 

Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals: As noted above, the Power Gauge system combines  fundamental and technical factors. But for those interested in classic Chaikin, he draws upon his technical analysis background to offer a set of very specific buy and sell signals. Power Gauge ratings are part of each signal, but they are all integrated with specific sets of trading “setups” that identify short-term catalysts for bullish/bearish price action.

Chaikin ETF Ratings: In October 2018, the Power Gauge system was extended to cover US ETFs. Equity ETFs combine a Technical  submodel with information gleaned from Power Gauge ratings of portfolio holdings. For other kinds of ETFs, the ranks are based entirely on the Technical submodel.