Designing Stock Strategies

This is a virtual equity Strategy Design course created for and made available to users of Portfolio123. Each Topic can stand on its own, however it will likely prove more beneficial to go through it in the prescribed sequence:

  1. We Can Get a Handle On Stock Prices
  2. Why Stock Prices Are As They Are
  3. From Dividends to EPS
  4. Out of the Ivory Tower
  5. Value and Beyond
  6. Laying the Groundwork for a Noise-Value Strategy
    1. A simple Summary of the Noise-Value Concept
  7. Details of a Noise-Value Strategy
  8. Testing the Noise-Value Strategy
  9. Designing a PE-Based Value Strategy
  10. Designing a Sales-Based Value Strategy
  11. Valuation Based on Cash Flow
  12. Using Price/Book
  13. Special Topics in Valuation
  14. Overview of Quality
  15. The DuPont Framework
  16. The Components of Quality
  17. Using Quality Factors in Your Strategies
  18. Earnings Quality
  19. Working With Analyst-Related Data
  20. Momentum
  21. Special Topics
  22. Hedging and Market Timing
  23. Position Sizing (Weighting)
  24. Weighted Average Cost of Capital – Part 1
  25. Weighted Average Cost of Capital – Part 2
  26. Weighted Average Cost of Capital – Part 3
  27. Weighted Average Cost of Capital – Part 4
  28. Effective Testing/Simulation on Portfolio123



Strategy Design Cheat Sheet: A short simple summary of the strategy design principles presented in this course

Portfolio123 Style-Based Ranking Systems: Details of all the ranking systems used in p123Spotlight Blogs