P123 Center for Practical Research

Here, you’ll find original research on investing topics, but with a difference. Ideas will be supported by evidence, but the ideas will not necessarily follow the standard conventions you’ll see in published academic research, where peer review tends to confine dissemination to the confines of well-established thought (peer reviewers are not well disposed to papers that debunk ideas they’ve spend their careers pushing).

We’re independent and have no intellectual axes to grind, and we’re not looking for tenure anywhere. We’ll only publish when we have something original to say.

Also, we  address the practitioner. This means we will not overwhelm readers with advanced mathematical equations that often look like a calligrapher’s practice book for the Greek alphabet. Moreover, we will never leave readers in doubt as to how or whether the ideas published here can be used in the real-money day-to-day world of investing.

TOPIC: Factor Investing


NOTE: Do you have unpublished practical investment research consistent with our approach? If so, contact us about publishing your work here.