Managing Your Investments

Real Risk For Real People: There’s no shortage of content out there on the topic of risk. But much of it is framed in terms of statistics. The concepts are valid, but often don’t illuminate what it all means for real-world investors. Taking a more comprehensive view of risk, we help you understand how it impacts you and how you can reach truly understand your own risk profile.

Tax Considerations: No, we can’t make you a tax expert, but we can and do illuminate the relevant issues around the tax implications of your investments to add context around your own deeper analysis or consultations with tax professionals.

Real Businesses or Just Tickers? Surely you’ve heard it said in the guru-sphere that we should look at our investment in stocks as investments in real businesses, that we shouldn’t disrespect them by regarding them as tradable tickers or electronic blips. When I hear this, I’m reminded of a phrase a former professor used to throw at us: “That sounds good if you say it fast enough.” If you say it slowly and really think about it, however, you’ll see it’s nonsense, and potentially dangerous.