P123 Spotlight is the voice of Portfolio123. Here, you’ll find exactly what our tag line suggests: ideas, strategies and views all relating to the Portfolio123 platform and the Portfolio123 approach to investing.



There are two broad categories of content you’ll see here: Blogs, and Knowledge.

  • Blogs published here, like blogs published elsewhere, are topical comments and articles on anything potentially of interest to the Portfolio123 community and to those who invest based on the sort of objective rules-based strategies create on Portfolio123; stock ideas, ETF ideas, market and economic commentaries, strategy ideas and so forth.
  • Knowledge refers to our “ever-green” (useful immediately and also long after it’s initially published) content. It consists of two sub-categories:
    • Resources: Essentially, this is a library of, dare we say it . . . “educational” content. But it’s not the sort of mundane educational content you can see in many other places. We’re not necessarily talking to the novice who wonders “What’s a stock?” We’re talking to the Portfolio123 community and addressing the sorts of things that can help you.
    • P123 Center for Practical Research: Here, you’ll find original research on investing topics, but with a difference. Ideas will be supported by evidence, but they will not necessarily follow the standard conventions you’ll see in published academic research, where peer review tends to confine researchers well established areas of thought (peer reviewers are not well disposed to papers that debunk ideas they’ve spend their careers pushing). We’re independent and have no intellectual axes to grind. We’re also not required to, in academic parlance, “publish or perish;” we’ll only publish when we have something original to say. And we’ll address the practitioner, which means that we will not overwhelm readers with advanced mathematical equations that often look like a calligrapher’s practice book for the Greek alphabet. And by the way, if you have some unpublished research consistent with our approach, contact us about publishing your work here.


Any article(s) written are of the sole opinions of the author and not of Portfolio123.com, Portfolio123 Securities LLC d.b.a Portfolio123 Advisor

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