About the Portfolio123 Team

We are a group of engineers, analysts and traders, working together to facilitate the investment process of retail and institutional investors. This diversity is what makes Portfolio123 such an effective tool. 

  • Marco Salerno, Founder & CEO

Software Programmer PhD, Marco previously worked at Citadel and Driehaus Capital Management. After the gut wrenching Internet roller coaster of 2001, he decided he needed a more systematic approach to investing. A powerful, mechanical system that combined technicals and fundamentals that were easily configurable and that could be tested faithfully historically. He created Portfolio123 in 2004.

Marco Salerno


  • Marc H. Gerstein, Director of Research and Editor P123 Spotlight

Marc H. Gerstein, a long suffering fan of the New York Jets and wannabe artist with an aversion to starvation, started out as a litigation attorney (and for those tempted to mess with him, note that he can still do it) but after having earned an MBA, he switched to a career analyzing stocks (he was an early, or possibly the first, analyst to have initiated regular coverage of Berkshire Hathaway back in 199-whatever), educating investors, and helping to develop stock screening platforms (with an interlude managing a junk-bond mutual fund). After having worked at Value Line and various web sites, he joined Portfolio123 in 2008 where he serves as Director of Research. In addition to P123 Spotlight, his commentary can be found on Forbes.com, and SeekingAlpha.com. He is the author of Screening the Market(Wiley, 2002) and The Value Connection(Wiley 2003), and is presently working a book on designing stock selection strategies. Also, he hasn’t yet thrown in the towel on his efforts to produce a satirical novel with a Wall Street setting. You can follow him at Twitter: @MHGerstein, and, of course, Goodreads (mgerstein).



  • Riccardo Tambara, Trading and Research

After joining the Portfolio123 team in early 2015, Riccardo heads the trading department and assists in quantitative research and tools development. His research focus is on tactical asset allocation, asymmetric strategies and factor investing. Riccardo has a BS in Finance from Milano Bicocca University. He was also the winner of Directa SIM trading competition “2015 European University Trading Challenge”.



  • Hem Upadhyaya, Director of RIA

Hem has vast experience with banking and research. Having worked for Northern Trust Bank, within 2 weeks of start, he quickly figured out 2 ways to save to save funding analysts 3 hours per day reconciling funds received. During his tenure at the bank, he partnered with an old friend to create an investment advising app for the south asian market which he ran with 4 staff members under him before selling the company and application within 3 months of launch garnering 21k+ users. Shortly after, he started advising individuals on a referral only basis before joining Portfolio123 to help overhaul the RIA Department. He is a very curious personality and enjoy learning new things everyday. He follows the moto “work hard, play hard” and “Give 100% to everything!”

Hem Upadhyaya


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